Functional and flexible spaces characterised by net volumes cut on size, which express the elegance of the brand. Material selection essential in all the project (showroom, offices, factory) undersigned with the use of the colors of the cashmere wears.

Renovation of an ex-industrial building for showrooms, offices and restaurant space
Location: Milan, Italy
Size: 1.350 sqm
Client: M.A.C. Manifatture Associate Cashmere S.p.A.
Date: 2000

The spirit of this project sprang from the will to express something in line with the times, by proposing a functional and flexible work area in which order and simplicity of the net volumes, free of any formal virtuosities, regained the signs of Malo’s elegance and with which the architectural space relates.
The research for essential matter is clearly expressed in both the choice of unique flooring in cemented resin (spread with a spatula like slaked lime in a pearl grey colour), with which entire walls and the stair well have all been made, and in the use of integral white, employed for the volumes of the environments and the décor, so discreet that they seem to be part of the same architectural packet, like pure signs of hidden luxury encompassing the gestures of an elegance belonging to a great tradition.
On the two large floors reserved for the showroom, the furniture matches the space and being fully modular and transportable, it allows for complete flexibility, thus meeting the various demands linked to the world of fashion, like shows, meetings and events etc.

Malo - Milan Malo - Milan Malo - Milan Malo - Milan Malo - Milan

Renovation of manufacturing headquarters
Location: Campi Bisenzio, Florence, Italy
Size: 1.100 sqm
Client: M.A.C. Manifatture Associate Cashmere S.p.A.
Date: 2000

The “Manifatture Associate Cashmere” factory is located in the industrial area of the Florentine plains. This renovating operation springs from the need to adapt the building while still maintaining its original structure, involving the external lining in sand stone, all cut to size, and the redesigning of the ground floor in which all the representational environments are located, like the reception, meeting rooms, stairwell, vertical connects and bathrooms.
The main elements of the complex are its strong, severe “volumes” like the parallelepiped of the palazzo and the central one in glass, one completely lined in sandstone and the other transparent. The canopy is instead a thick slab of glass, that cuts and crosses the inside of the building, almost as though the façade had lifted itself up, leaving a void, the glass, in its place. These volumes stress the perception of the building in a significant manner, making it vibrate and mutate with the natural light.

Malo - campi bisenzio Malo - campi bisenzio

Renovation of manufacturing plant and factory outlet
Locatio0: Campi Bisenzio, Florence, Italy
Size: total 3.700 sqm outlet 600 sqm
Client: M.A.C. Manifatture Associate Cashmere S.p.A.
Date: 2000

An unusual and very fascinating theme, especially because of the convergence of the goals to be achieved: a reduced budget and a strong, imaginative design to be created with a warehouse on the commercial outskirts of Florence, in which to insert the luxurious garments of Malo.
The existing roofing, distinguished by a system of girders, was the guiding element in the design. By restudying the geometry and identifying a strong distinctive element in the incessant repetition, these were used for recessing the black lighting rails and the air-conditioning system for this spacious environment, with the exclusion from sight of every other element.
Self-supporting “C” profiles in varnished MDF, fitted with hinges for attaching shelves and/or garment-hanging rods depending on the rhythm of the rows of beams, characterise the garment displaying system. The flooring, in pearl grey concrete, finishes with a wall in the same colour onto which the blue silk-screened image of the “maglia di parole” (mesh of words), which is the recognised sign of the Malo trademark is silk-screened.

Malo - factory outlet - campi bisenzio Malo - factory outlet - campi bisenzio Malo - factory outlet - campi bisenzio

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